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Lower turnover among employee users


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Rain is the now
way to pay

It's easy to set up and it doesn't cost your business anything extra. Don't live in the past, use Rain - the now way to pay!
Did you know...


spent $170B while waiting for their next paycheck.

Fees for payday loans, credit cards, overdrafts, and low balances add up. 72% of Americans who are living paycheck-to-paycheck could benefit from early wage access.

Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck


Stuck in debt trap

Our mission

Our mission is to regrow individual freedom by giving people control over their income and finances. We are killing predatory financial products like payday loans.

How It Works

Earned wages delivered before payday

We offer our service free to employers who offer Rain to their people as a voluntary financial wellness benefit.

Easy integrations

Rain easily integrates with most payroll systems; your payroll team will not need to spend extra time or resources managing Rain. Zero fees & zero hassle for your payroll team.

Nigel Morris,
Co-Founder, QED InvestorCo-Founder

Our founding investor is the most active group globally in the instant pay / financial wellness benefits space

Rain gives the power back to the worker…

…allowing them to take back control over their financial lives and receive the money they’ve earned without having to wait until payday. At QED, we call this income streaming, and we’re the most active investor in the trend globally because we have seen how it empowers employees and helps employers improve retention, productivity, and recruiting. We couldn’t be more excited for Rain to bring this social-impact model to millions of Americans.”