Rain App Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 1 January 2021

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Rain App Terms of Use (“Agreement”) and is incorporated therein by reference for access and use of the Rain App. Capitalised terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement. This Privacy Policy shall be read in conjunction with the Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and those contained in the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall control, supersede and prevail.

RAINPAY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED provides this consumer financial privacy policy in connection with an individual’s use of Rain’s mobile application or any of Rain’s financial products or services (“Rain’s Privacy Policy”).

For the purposes of Rain’s Privacy Policy, the term “you” or “your” relates to the individual (i) who downloads or uses the Rain App or (ii) who applies for, or obtains, any of Rain’s financial products or services.  The term “Rain,” “we,” or “our” refers to RAINPAY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, its affiliates and subsidiaries.  

We may collect personal identification and communication information which includes but is not limited to your personal details (like name, home/office address, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, your photograph etc.), contact details (like home/work phone number, official email address, personal email address, personal mobile number etc.), Business/work related information like (employee ID number, tax identification number, social security number etc.), personal identification proof  like (UID, Driving License, passport, PAN number), Credit and financial information like (banking accounts related financial information, Bureau reports, Loan documents, purchase histories etc.) as may be necessary and applicable subject to the nature of the transaction and where permitted for diversity and monitoring purposes, we may collect information concerning your gender. Additionally, device location and information, messages, contacts, call logs, emails, log information like your search queries, IP address, crashes, date and time, browser web storage, application data caches, Cookies and similar technologies and data of the such Customers (collectively and individually referred to as “Customer Data”).

Personal Identification and communication information and application related information are hereinafter collectively referred to as “Customer Data”.

Rain’s Privacy Policy applies to personally identifiable information about you, which we refer to as “your information.”  In connection with Rain’s treatment of your information, Rain’s Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures (including a summary of the relevant security controls) that Rain uses when collecting, maintaining, using, or transmitting (or “disclosing”) to others any of your information.  Please carefully read Rain’s Privacy Policy.  


For information about Rain, or any entity that is or may in the future be an affiliate of with Rain, in connection with the treatment of your information under Rain’s Privacy Policy, please see the section below entitled “Contacting Rain.”


Rain provides financial products or services to consumers, as well as to corporate persons, such as entities that employ consumers to be their employees.  Rain’s mission is to provide consumer tools for greater access and control over his or her financial health by providing innovative financial products and services.  Among other products and services covered by Rain’s Privacy Policy is our service that provides ways for a consumer to control funds that he or she owns, including by more easily transferring those funds to (or from) his or her primary bank account.

Rain is committed to protect the personal and financial information submitted by its customers (“you”) and would endeavour to protect such information from unauthorized use.

Rain’s Privacy Policy is designed to provide a straightforward explanation of how Rain collects and maintains your information, as well as how Rain may disclose your information to other persons.  However, Rain’s Privacy Policy does not apply to the processes that another person that isnot affiliated with Rain, such as an employer (even if the other person has a contract or arrangement in place for Rain’s Services). Whether and how another person, such as an employer, could use, collect, maintain, or transfer personal information about you, including through the other person’s websites, is governed by the other person’s privacy policy.

Our Privacy Practices

Information We Collect

  1. Information you provide.   We collect various categories of your information that you provide, either directly or indirectly, to us, such as:
  • Identifying information, such as your mobile telephone number, email address, and residential address;
  • Financial information, such as information you provide on an application to us or from data we collect from transactions you conduct using Rain’s services; and
  • Information about your status or personal characteristics, such as whether you are employed, where you could work, and the number of days you work in a month.

        When you connect one or more of your accounts with other financial institutions to the Rain App or to your Rain Account, we also may collect information to identify you, or to help verify that you are the true owner of the account(s), before connecting your account(s).  

  1. Information received from your devices.  When you use your device to connect to Rain’s Services, we receive information about that device, including IP address, hardware model, operating system, and other technical information about the device. We also use cookies or similar tracking technologies to collect usage statistics and to help us provide and improve our services.
  2. Information collected from your financial institutions.  Whether Rain collects or maintains your information collected from the financial institutions you use, such as your bank, may depend on how you use the Rain App or Rain’s Services.  Generally speaking, when you link your primary bank account to the Rain App or to Rain’s Services, we may collect several categories of your information, including:
  • Account information, including your financial institution’s name, the account type you use (such as a “checking account” or “savings account”), account number(s), and the institution’s routing number;
  • Information about any balance or transactions in your account; and
  • Information about the account owner(s), including name, email address, phone number, and mailing address information.
  1. Information we receive about you from other sources.  We also collect your information directly from other persons, including credit information companies and our service providers. For example, Rain may collect and maintain your information from service providers that help Rain to identify you and to verify that you are the individual who is authorized to use Rain’s Services.  

Why We collect, Use and Store the Customer Data

  1. Collection of Customer Data for propagating business

        From time to time, we may request aforementioned Customer Data from you to process your applications through our Rain App, and to get valuable feedback from your experience on our Rain App. In addition, we may also use your Customer Data for other business purposes or in order to help serve you better, such as informing you of new services, or alliances that could help you in your career or business. Your posting of any such Customer Data is strictly up to you. While you can visit the Rain App without disclosing any Customer Data, however, to apply or to register on the Rain App there are web pages that require such information to complete certain functions, thus these web pages may not be available to you, if you decide not to reveal the information requested. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your Customer Data is accurate and complete.

  1. Disclosure to third parties

We may disclose Customer Data to third parties. This disclosure may be required for us to check your eligibility for, provide you access to, and enable fulfillment of any services being provided to you, or to comply with any legal obligations, to enforce user agreements, to facilitate any marketing and advertising activities, or to prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities related to any services being provided to you. You expressly consent and agree to such disclosures to third parties.

  1. Collecting Customer Data for online surveys

        At times, we conduct online surveys to better understand the needs and profile of our visitors. When we conduct a survey, we will inform you about how we will use the Customer Data prior to your taking the survey. If you do not want to participate in the survey, you may refrain from contributing to it at your own discretion.

  1. Collecting domain information

The Rain App may use a technology known as web beacons - sometimes called single-pixel gifs - that allow this Rain App to collect web log information. A web beacon is a graphic on a web page or in an email message designed to track pages viewed or messages opened. Web log information is gathered when you visit the Rain App by the computer that hosts the Rain App (called a “webserver”). The webserver automatically recognizes some information, such as the date and time you visited the Rain App, the pages you visited, the website you came from (to the extent you have given your consent), the type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer), the type of operating system you are using (e.g., Windows 10), and the domain name and address of your Internet service provider. If you have given your consent, we may also include web beacons in promotional email messages in order to determine whether messages have been opened.

  1. Use of cookies

        To the extent you have given your consent, the Rain App uses a technology called a “cookie”. A cookie is a piece of information that our webserver sends to your computer (actually to your browser file) when you access a website. Then when you come back, the Rain App will detect whether you have one of our cookies on your computer. Our cookies help provide additional functionality to the Rain App and help us analyze Rain App usage more accurately. For instance, our Rain App may set a cookie on your browser that keeps you from needing to remember and then enter a password more than once during a visit to the Rain App.

  1. IP address

        The Rain App uses Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses. An IP Address is a number assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider so you can access the Internet. Generally, an IP address changes each time you connect to the Internet (it is a “dynamic” address). We use your IP address to report aggregate information on use and to help improve the Rain App.

        You should be aware that this Rain App is not intended for, or designed to attract, individuals under the age of 18. We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person we actually know is an individual under the age of 18.

        Areas of this Rain App that collect your Customer Data use industry standard secure socket layer encryption (SSL); however, to take advantage of this your browser must support encryption protection (found in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer release 3.0 and above).

 Use and disclosure of Customer data

We protect Customer Data against unauthorized use in the same manner in which we protect our confidential information. However, in following conditions, we may share Customer Data:

  • Verification of your credit and financial position, reference checks, authentication of personal, biometric and demographic information/ data provided to us at the time of loan application or anytime thereafter and making related enquiries through references on the basis of the data and information provided to, or collected by, Rain as and when we consider necessary;
  • Sharing, obtaining and/ or disclosing any aspect of your personal, biometric, demographic, business, credit and financial information/ data to any credit bureau, financial institution, or any other authority (including Unique Identification Authority of India) or any third party engaged by Rain for purpose of proper verification and assessment of the Customer Data, for statistics regarding Customer’s Account, to satisfy any legally enforceable process or compliance purpose, detecting and protecting against error, fraud or identification of other criminal activity or for archiving Customer Data and for complying with the laws applicable from time to time.
  • Use of your information to improve our services to the Customers and to keep Customers updated about our new products or other information that may be of interest to such Customers. This may include contacting the Customer through phone calls, SMS, or e-mails or at postal address, to make follow up calls in relation to the services provided, for imparting product knowledge, offering promotional offers & various other offers offered by its partners.
  • We may share some of the Customer Data to third parties with your prior consent who may approach/ contact you to provide attractive offers to you by way of advertisements campaigns, information circulation etc.
  • It may become necessary for Rain to disclose the Customer Data to the agents, other service providers and contractors (which includes but not limited to KYC repository services, data storage agencies, marketing and collection agents, any assigns to whom Rain intend to grant any right or obligation of Rain) in the course of normal business operations for the above referred purpose.
  • We may also invite visitors to the Rain App to participate in market research and surveys and other similar activities. Rain will use the customer information to improve the visitor experience on the site and make subsequent offers to the visitor on products which may be of interest to him / her.

However these parties would be required to use the information obtained from Rain either for the purposes mutually agreed with Rain or for the purposes expressly permitted by the applicable laws exclusively. Rain will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the confidentiality of the Customer Data is maintained by imposing strict confidentiality standards on all the private and non-statutory third parties to whom it discloses such information. Further, Rain shall not retain the information for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force.

In addition to the above, we use the information we collect to operate, improve, and protect the Services we provide, and to develop new services.  For example, we use your information:

  • To operate, provide, and maintain the Rain App;
  • To improve, modify, add to, or further develop Rain’s Services;
  • To protect you, Rain’s service providers, or Rain from fraud, malicious activity, or other privacy and security-related concerns;
  • To provide customer service to you;
  • To investigate any misuse of the Rain App or of Rain’s Services; and
  • To develop new services.

Rain is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and has taken all necessary and reasonable measures that commensurate with the information assets being protected to ensure confidentiality of the Customer Data and its transmission through the world wide web and it shall not be held liable for disclosure of the confidential information when in accordance with this policy or in terms of the agreements, if any, with the Customers.

In addition, we use small bits of data called “cookies” stored on user’s devices to stimulate a continuous connection. “Cookies” let us store information about your preferences and passwords and allow you to move to different pages of our Website/ App without having to re-enter your password information. Any information collected is stored in secure databases protected via a variety of access controls and is treated as confidential information by us. Therefore, you should be careful with usage of the username and password by maintaining confidentiality and ensure that you do not knowingly or accidentally share, provide and facilitate unauthorized use of it.

Where We store the Customer Data

  1. The Customer Data you provide to us via the Rain App is transferred to and stored on our in-house secure database and is processed to support your enquiry to become a User on the Rain App. The Rain App and database are both hosted within India. The Customer Data, however, may be maintained or processed by our staff or our affiliates operating outside India.
  2. A transfer of your Customer Data may happen if any of our servers are located in a country outside of India or one of our service providers is located in a country outside of India. If we transfer or store the Customer Data outside India in this way, we will take steps with the aim of ensuring that your privacy rights continue to be protected, as outlined in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with applicable data protection laws including but not limited to the applicable provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules made thereunder (“IT Act”). If you use the Platform while you are outside of India, your Customer Data may be transferred outside India in order to provide you with these services.

Processing purposes

We collect the data to ensure a proper connection buildup and system security, and to improve the Rain App. The legal basis for such processing is applicable data protections laws including the IT Act. We have a legitimate interest in the provision of a safe access to the Rain App and Services, in technical security, rectification of malfunctions as well as detection and tracking of any unauthorized access or attempt of access to the Rain App.

Our Steps to Protect your Information

We take steps designed to protect your information that we collect, maintain, or disclose. These steps include maintaining information security controls, such as encryption technologies when transferring data or even when storing data, firewalls, and controls over the physical access to our systems.  We regularly evaluate the security controls that we use, as well as the controls that our service providers use, for protecting the security and confidentiality of your information. Our goal is to maintain effective security controls, as measured by relevant industry standards or by independent security auditors, for all of the ways that you can use Rain’s Services.

Rain may keep your information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for the information is collected.  In addition, for some types of your information, Rain may apply a longer retention period, such as for research or statistical analyses, except when storing or using that information for longer periods of time is not permitted under applicable law.  As permitted under applicable law, even after you stop using the Rain App or terminate your account with Rain, we may retain your information.

Our Rights to Disclose your Information

To the extent permitted by law and to fulfil the purpose of this Rain App, Rain reserves the right to disclose, or even to sell, some or all of the categories of your information that Rain collects to any person that is not an affiliate of Rain—and under some circumstances you may be allowed to prevent Rain from doing so, by exercising your right to “opt out” of certain disclosures.  Rain also may disclose some or all of the categories of your information to any person that is an affiliate of Rain, and you may opt out of some of those types of disclosures among the affiliate(s).   However, as of the Effective Date of this Privacy Policy, Rain does not disclose your information to persons in ways that present an opportunity for you to use your opt-out rights.  

Rain makes various types of disclosures of your information to other persons as permitted by law.  Our disclosures of your information may apply to some or all of the categories of your information that we collect.  For example, Rain may disclose all of the types of your information with your employer or with your financial institution, consistent with your consent or instruction.  Rain also discloses, or reserves the right to disclose, your information:

  • With Rain’s service providers or contractors in connection with the services they perform for Rain;
  • If Rain believes in good faith that disclosure is appropriate to comply with applicable law, regulation, or legal process (such as a court order or subpoena);
  • In connection with a change in ownership or control of all or a part of Rain’s business (such as a merger, acquisition, or bankruptcy);
  • Between and among Rain and Rain’s future affiliates (such as subsidiaries or other companies under common control or ownership); or
  • With your consent (by any reasonable method, including when you orally give your consent), unless you timely revoke your consent.

We may collect, use, process, or disclose your information in an aggregated or anonymized manner (i.e., in a manner that does not identify you personally) for any purpose permitted under applicable law.

As a convenience to our visitors, this Rain App may contain links to a number of sites that we believe may offer useful information. The policies and procedures we described here may not apply to those sites. We suggest contacting those sites directly for information on their privacy, security, data collection, and distribution policies.

We will process, disclose or share your Customer Data only if required to do so by law or in good faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with our contractual obligations, legal requirements or legal process served on us or the Rain App.

How long we retain your Customer Data

We will retain your Customer Data only for as long as we need, we need it for our legitimate interest in accordance with applicable law, to fulfill your registration and application process and to perform services as you have opted for, or to meet legal requirements, after which we will take steps to delete your Customer Data or hold it in a form that no longer identifies you.

Verification of Data

To the extent permitted by law, it will be necessary for us to verify the details you have supplied. Such verification could be done through third party service providers, who shall be bound by the obligation of confidentiality and data protection.


Where permitted by applicable law, we reserve the right to monitor, intercept, access and erase all information, material, data and communication (including emails, telephones conversations, and voicemail recording), regarding registration and further processing of your application through the Rain App.

Exclusions from Privacy Policy

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our Website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. Other websites that you may access via Website may have different privacy policies and access to such web sites will not be subject to this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of each such website to find out how they protect your Customer Data. The exclusions herein shall not restrict us from publishing business reports or sector reports of behavioural pattern of the customers.

Contacting Rain

If you have any question about this Privacy Policy or wish to contact us for any reason in relation to the Customer Data processing, please contact us at:

Please email indiasupport@rain.us with any questions.


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